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Quick Rant 

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing about someone’s business IF the person isn’t present or if it’s not coming directly from themselves. I can’t stand to be a part of gossip, I honestly don’t care and is probably why I’m reserved and more of private person in general.

My rule of thumb has always been if it isn’t my business then I won’t spread it. Not only will I not know all the facts, but if someone tells me something in confidence they probably only wanted me to know not everyone who’s around me so to avoid all the confusion, I’d rather let that person do the talking for themselves.


Quick poetry 

It’s 5:45 am and I can’t sleep

Late night thought start to creep

I have to be up early, so I might as well get going

Being well rested is an illusion, we all try to keep

Nope, we’re not allowed to be tired or have a bad day

Not around here, no way

Silly rhetoric keeps my day at bay

Flowing rhythmically, it offers a quick smirk within waves of uncertainty

I have a busy day ahead me, time to get up and start moving

Time waits for no one

Not for you

Not even me